TFT – Thought Field Therapy


Thought Field Therapy (TFT) is similar to EFT in that it requires the manipulation (tapping, rubbing) of specific acupuncture points on the body. It differs from EFT in that TFT requires the use of a set sequence to be used for the individual issue that is being addressed. The order of the acupunture points being manipulated also considered to be a an essential part of TFT’s effectiveness.

Dr Roger Callahan, a Californian based psychologist discovered the potential of TFT when working with a female patient who had a phobia of water. The usual treatment applications to her phobia had not given her much progress at all and yet within a few minutes of applying the early version of TFT she had released her fears and anxieties about water. Over 30 years later she is still free of her old fear.

The basis for TFT’s success and akin to other energy therapies principles, is the rebalancing of the body’s energy system. If someone has a physical, psychological or emotional issue the understanding from an energy therapy perspective is that the body’s energy is system is out of balance and a process such as TFT aims to address this.

TFT combines both Western and Eastern healing traditions and doesn’t require any belief from the patient that it can help. All a patient needs is the curiosity and willingness to experience TFT.




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